N2 USB Reader/Writer Review

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The developers of the N2 Elite (formerly known as Amiiqo) have just released the USB reader/writer as they indicated they would several months ago. In this review I will go over how the USB reader/writer works as well as the overall build quality. If you want to learn more about the N2 Elite, you can read my previous review (back when it was called Amiiqo.) Hardware Overview The N2 USB reader/writer is a small (slightly larger than the N2 Elite), rectangular, plastic base with a circular groove for the N2 Elite to…read more

GBA Everdrive Preview Video

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Krikzz, the developer of the popular Everdrive series of flash carts, just released a video of the GBA (Game Boy Advance) Everdrive he has been working on recently. It appears to have a similar interface to the NES N8 (and other Everdrives) and the game used in the video boots instantly. I’ve been excited for this ever since hearing a rumor a while back and I’m looking forward to using it. Here’s the video of Krikzz running the GBA Everdrive: News source:

My Video Game Music Trivia App Launches on Google Play

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I’m a big fan of old school video game music (from the 80-90s) and I’m sure a lot of you are too. I’ve been developing a trivia app for Android in my spare time, called “Name That Game”. How the game works is that you listen to a song from a video game and guess the which game it is. I just released it on Google Play: If you get a chance to play it, please let me know what you think below. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to…read more

MSU-1 Enhanced Games Roundup: CD Audio

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The MSU-1 expansion chip for the SNES was developed by byuu and is included in the SD2SNES flash cart and supported by some emulators. The MSU-1 adds some amazing features to the SNES by allowing for up to 4GB of data storage (would have been impossible back in the 90s) which can be streamed to the SNES during play. This allows for FMV (Full Motion Video), like you’ve probably seen in Dragon’s Lair, as well as CD-quality audio, like the TurboGrafx-CD and Sega CD had at the time. This roundup will focus on…read more

Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection Re-release

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If you’re looking for the perfect coffee table book to show off your retro video game love, but missed out the first time “Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection” went on sale, then you’ll be happy to know it is going to be available for pre-order again soon. This book features life-size photos of about 250 Super Famicom boxes with design commentary as well as collector interviews. Don’t miss out! Here’s some examples of the quality of content: News source:

Chrono Trigger CD Audio Hack (MSU-1)

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You might have seen the CD audio hacks for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid, and now there is one for Chrono Trigger. The soundtrack used in this mod is “Chrono Trigger Symphony” by Blake Robinson, which is an excellent arrangement on it’s own. This hack uses the MSU-1 chip to stream CD quality audio on an original SNES using the SD2SNES flash cart. A few SNES emulators have also been updated to reproduce the MSU-1 chip, so if you don’t have an SD2SNES cart, you’ll…read more

Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA

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The successfully Indiegogo funded, hardware re-creation of the ZX Spectrum, called the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega, is now available for pre-order. The ZX Vega comes with 1,000 official licensed ZX Spectrum games and they plan to offer more games in the future. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to just connect and play a large collection of ZX games, this looks like a great solution. The ZX Vega starts at £100 (about $154) plus shipping, and is available through the official store. News source:

Pokémon Intro FMV Running on Game Boy Color

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I didn’t think it would be possible, but a developer by the name of Lior Halphon has managed to develop a tech demo ROM demonstrating how FMV (full motion video) can run on the original Game Boy Color. The demo features the Pokémon TV series intro video with chiptune music. The project is open source, you can view the original source code along with research notes here: Here is a video of the tech demo running on a real Game Boy Color: News Source: A more detailed explanation of how it…read more

Sunsoft 5B Audio on Everdrive N8

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A developer on Krikzz’s forum just released a custom Sunsoft 5A/5B/FME-7 Mapper which enables the expansion audio channels in Sunsoft’s Gimmick! game originally released on the Famicom. You will need an Everdrive N8 and either a Famicom or an expansion audio modded NES in order to hear the extra audio channels. The Japanese release of Gimmick! has one of the best soundtracks of any game released on the NES (gotta love that Sunsoft sampled bass), and If you have an Everdrive N8, you can download the update from the forum thread….read more

Amiiqo: Amiibo Emulator Review

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If you’ve been collecting Amiibo figures for any length of time then you’ve probably run into the same issues I have: a larger collection is difficult to transport, they store data for only 1 game at a time, and there’s no way to roll back data from an Amiibo that’s picking up bad habits in Super Smash Bros. Now there is a solution with the new Amiiqo device. What is the Amiiqo? The Amiiqo is a small device, about the size of an Amiibo’s base, that can store the data of up to…read more

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