MSU-1 Enhanced Games Roundup: CD Audio

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The MSU-1 expansion chip for the SNES was developed by byuu and is included in the SD2SNES flash cart and supported by some emulators. The MSU-1 adds some amazing features to the SNES by allowing for up to 4GB of data storage (would have been impossible back in the 90s) which can be streamed to the SNES during play. This allows for FMV (Full Motion Video), like you’ve probably seen in Dragon’s Lair, as well as CD-quality audio, like the TurboGrafx-CD and Sega CD had at the time. This roundup will focus on…read more

Finding a Gyromite Famicom Adapter

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If you’ve ever wanted to start importing Famicom games and play them on your NES you’ll find that not only do the cartridges have completely different dimensions, but the number of pins on the contained boards are completely different as well. To play them you’ll need a Famicom to NES adapter. The simplest solution would be to find an adapter that let’s you connect the Famicom cartidge directly to the adapater, without disassembly, such as the Honey Bee. The only problem with these solutions are that they can be hard to…read more

Opening an NES Cartridge

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If you’ve been collecting NES games for any length of time you’ve probably come across some cartridges that could use a good cleaning, but when you go to open them up you find that these aren’t any ordinary screws. Nintendo uses special 3.8mm security screws on their cartridges instead of standard phillips or flat head ones you find on most products. To open these you’ll need to purchase a 3.8mm security bit from either eBay, Amazon, or retro video game specialty stores. I recommend purchasing a pack that comes with…read more

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