Famicom Disk System Drive Emulator

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I’ve you’ve ever used or heard about the Famicom Disk System add-on for the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES) then you’ve probably heard of the hardware problems that can come with it. Since it is a floppy drive, it has moving parts inside, one of which is a rubber belt which is prone to wearing out and breaking. Additionally, the disks themselves as with any floppy disk will eventually wear out as well. Now there is a Disk System emulator device available which attaches to the memory…read more

8Bitdo Crissaegrim NES30 and FC30 PRO Controllers

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8Bitdo, who makes retro-styled controllers for moderna hardware, has just released a new bluetooth controller in the style of the NES and Famicom controllers. They feature analogue joysticks, with a button layout similar to that of a PS3 controller, as well as a built in CPU with upgradable firmware. Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. I’m looking forward to trying this out with some Android and OS X multi-console emulators just to see if it can really capture the retro-feel as well as it does the…read more

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