Neo Geo MVS HDMI Mod

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A developer programmed an FPGA that is able to pull the audio and video digital signals from a Neo Geo MVS console (before it goes to the digital to analog converter) and convert those signals to HDMI. This process only adds a 100 microsecond delay, which equates to only about 1 frame of video – essentially not noticeable. The process they went through is an interesting one and I recommend reading it if you’re interested in the inner workings of a Neo Geo.   Unfortunately, this mod doesn’t come as a kit, but…read more

1080p HDMI NES Mod Kit

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Developer Kevtris has been working on a mod kit which allows you to add a 1080p HDMI output on the original NES. It’s been in development for quite some time but the results are just amazing. Being able to simply connect an NES to an HDTV without messing with SCART cables and video converters will be such a relief. According to the videos it is going into production and will initially be available through other console modding services, such as GameTechUS. Here is the latest update video from GameTechUS and…read more

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