N2 USB Reader/Writer Review

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The developers of the N2 Elite (formerly known as Amiiqo) have just released the USB reader/writer as they indicated they would several months ago. In this review I will go over how the USB reader/writer works as well as the overall build quality. If you want to learn more about the N2 Elite, you can read my previous review (back when it was called Amiiqo.) Hardware Overview The N2 USB reader/writer is a small (slightly larger than the N2 Elite), rectangular, plastic base with a circular groove for the N2 Elite to…read more

Amiiqo: Amiibo Emulator Review

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If you’ve been collecting Amiibo figures for any length of time then you’ve probably run into the same issues I have: a larger collection is difficult to transport, they store data for only 1 game at a time, and there’s no way to roll back data from an Amiibo that’s picking up bad habits in Super Smash Bros. Now there is a solution with the new Amiiqo device. What is the Amiiqo? The Amiiqo is a small device, about the size of an Amiibo’s base, that can store the data of up to…read more

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