My Video Game Music Trivia App Launches on Google Play

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I’m a big fan of old school video game music (from the 80-90s) and I’m sure a lot of you are too. I’ve been developing a trivia app for Android in my spare time, called “Name That Game”. How the game works is that you listen to a song from a video game and guess the which game it is. I just released it on Google Play: If you get a chance to play it, please let me know what you think below. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to…read more

FlashKit MD: Sega Genesis Reprogrammable Cart

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Krikzz, the developer of the Everdrive series of flash carts, has released a re-programmable flash cart for the Seag Genesis / Mega Drive. This re-programmable flash cart allows homebrew developers, fan translators and reproduction developers a simple way to flash a Genesis ROM to the cart and play on a real console, without any possible inaccuracies and OS menu navigation associated with a multi-ROM flash cart solution. The FlashKit Programmer, which is used to transfer the ROMs to and from a cart, connects to a computer using a standard USB…read more

DreamConn: Wireless DreamCast Controller

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A wireless-modded DreamCast controller has showed up on eBay recently called the “DreamConn”. The DreamConn has a dongle which connects in the standard controller port and communicates with the controller using Bluetooth technology. The controller has a built-in battery that promises 14 hours per charge and is rechargeable using a micro-USB cable. The controller has an on/off switch as well as an LED indicator. Additionally, the controller has it’s own built-in memory which has the ability to emulator the VMUs, while still offering support for real VMUs. The controller is being…read more

Rhea: Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

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The developer behind the GDEMU, the optical drive emulator (ODE) for the Sega Dreamcast, has released a new ODE for the Sega Saturn, called “Rhea“. This device has the same 100% compatibility and easy install as the GDEMU. Currently Rhea only supports Sega Saturns that have a 20-pin drive connector, but he’s making great progress with the 21-pin version. So, hopefully that will be released soon as well. Keep checking the Rhea ordering page for your chance to pre-order one of these: Also, let me know if you get one and…read more

GDEMU: Dreamcast Optical Drive Emulator

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The Sega Dreamcast is a disc based system, and as with any console containing moving parts those parts can break down over time. Recently, someone developed a device, called GDEMU, which can emulate the optical drive by loading the GD-ROM images off of an SD card. This is a great way to not only have access to all your Dreamcast games, while preserving the original copies, but also opens the oppurtunity to have fan-translated and other homebrew games as well. You can purchase the GDEMU directly from the developer’s website….read more

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