Pokémon Intro FMV Running on Game Boy Color

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I didn’t think it would be possible, but a developer by the name of Lior Halphon has managed to develop a tech demo ROM demonstrating how FMV (full motion video) can run on the original Game Boy Color. The demo features the Pokémon TV series intro video with chiptune music. The project is open source, you can view the original source code along with research notes here: Here is a video of the tech demo running on a real Game Boy Color: News Source: A more detailed explanation of how it…read more

BitBoy: SD-Card Port for the Game Boy Camera

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If you’ve just recently rediscovered the joy of a Game Boy Camera, but have been running into storage limits, or you want to get those photos off the Camera, BitBoy is the solution for you. BitBoy uses FAT-32 formatted SD cards for easy swpaing between your computer and the BitBoy. The device also supports many Game Boy Camera compatible games. The BitBoy is currently advertised as “coming soon” with a price of $65. News source:

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