Sunsoft 5B Audio on Everdrive N8

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A developer on Krikzz’s forum just released a custom Sunsoft 5A/5B/FME-7 Mapper which enables the expansion audio channels in Sunsoft’s Gimmick! game originally released on the Famicom. You will need an Everdrive N8 and either a Famicom or an expansion audio modded NES in order to hear the extra audio channels. The Japanese release of Gimmick! has one of the best soundtracks of any game released on the NES (gotta love that Sunsoft sampled bass), and If you have an Everdrive N8, you can download the update from the forum thread. I’m excited to try this out.

Here’s an example of the updated mapper running Gimmick! on an Everdrive N8. Just listen to how great the expansion audio sounds: